School-Based Coordinator

All it takes is one hour a week to change a life!

Are you ready to change the life of a child? Are you interested in mentoring, but worried about the time commitment? Does the idea of watching relationships develop, having summers free, and being able to mentor both high school and elementary school students sound fun and exciting? If so, School-Based Coordinating may be the perfect volunteer opportunity for you!



School-Based Coordinators are kind and trustworthy adults who oversee our weekly programs at schools and community centers (such as the Bangor Y and Gardiner Boys & Girls Club.) Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mid-Maine’s School-Based Mentoring program provides a structured setting and the equipment (such as games, craft supplies, sports equipment, snacks) for our matches, as well as on-site support. Our Coordinators help matches form trusting bonds with one another by providing support and ensuring child safety. In addition, our agency provides ongoing support to Bigs and Littles throughout the course of each match to keep their mentoring friendship going strong.

Each mentoring location has 1-2 Coordinators that attend, oversee and supervise the weekly match meetings to ensure match quality and child safety. Coordinators arrive early each week to greet all Bigs and Littles, ensure set-up and clean-up of meeting supplies and snacks, facilitate group match activities if appropriate, and coach Bigs as they navigate their relationships with their Littles. Coordinators have regular weekly communication with BBBSMM staff to discuss match meeting and site logistics, attendance, successes, issues and concerns.

What it requires:

  • 1.5 hours a week (roughly, the program lasts one hour, and Coordinators arrive a little early and stay a little late)
  • The ability to attend program meetings from mid-October through mid-May
  • Patience, friendliness, trustworthiness, and a sense of fun
  • Weekly communication with BBBSMM staff
  • An interest in supporting and mentoring youth!




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